The Spider and The Fly

“Why are you so happy?” said the spider to the fly,

“Always buzzing here and buzzing there, no apparent reason why”

“I’m happy cos the sky is blue and so far I’ve avoided you!

Now tell me why are you so sad? What make you sit so still? Do you meditate on life, or just wait for your next kill?”

“I’m sad because my only friend got squashed beneath a shoe. I’m sad because I need a meal and planned on eating you.”

The fly was unconcerned with this and turned to face the sun. He buzzed amongst the flower beds, determined to have fun

“I think I’ll reconsider this lonely life of mine, life is certainly too short to sit all day and whine”

And so she span a brand new web, amongst the pretty flower beds,

catching rays amongst it’s threads,


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