I go a little crazy in January

every year it’s the same

I blame SAD, but I really don’t know

why I fuckin’ hate it so!


The claustrophobic sky just won’t

give up it’s blue,

only fuckin’ grey will  do

in this godforsaken month.


And i feel that every aspect of

my life is shit and not worth squat

and i fight the urge to bolt from it,

from you.


And part of me feels January

is the month of revelation.

The rest of the year an illusory

trashy paperback stack

of lies.

Then January arrives

with a truth, that’s hard to deny.


I’m fuckin’ counting the days until you are gone,



I can do without your cruel candour,

your honest bullshit.

Let me live in blue skies,

in fragrant daze,

and the solace of lies









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